we strive to live up to TEN


for all of our employees to better serve our customers at Trex



Do The Right Thing.

This means that usually in your heart you know what you should do. Not what you want to do or what is easiest to do or what works best for you, but what is absolutely the right thing to do for every situation.


Strive For Excellence.

Always want to do better at everything; in your work as well as your personal life. The desire to get better is huge and it fuels every aspect of your life.
We all have our challenges and sometimes it seems like they are impossible to overcome, but just the desire to want to overcome them makes us perform better in all ways. Keep pushing forward.


Be Humble.

As we continue to grow in our lives and our jobs we experience some successes. We shouldn’t let these successes affect the way we deal with others. It’s important to be confident but not arrogant when we deal with our employees and business relationships.
•Be satisfied knowing how good you are. Prove to others through your actions.


Enjoy Your Job.

Make it fun!
•Look for fun and humor at work with your colleagues.
•Be a little unconventional sometimes and do something that surprises yourself and others. •Play a joke, be harmlessly funny whenever you can.


Be Creative.

•Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to take chances.
•Be open to new ideas and make a point of trying something different on a regular basis.


Be a Team Player in an Open and Honest Manner.

•Strive to create harmony among your team. •Always act with integrity in your team.
•Team players are as good at following as they are leading.
•Take a positive approach to working as a team.


Bring Energy and Passion to Your Work.

Believe in your company and what it does.
Do you enjoy what you are doing? Get EXCITED about your job!


Be a Bottom Line Person.

Take your job seriously and know that earning money is an important part of a business. The more profitable you make your business, the more it will positively impact you.
•Be efficient. Do more with less.


 Be Positive.

Always look at a positive approach to any problem first. Help make others positive.


Be a Pro.

Be professional at your job. Rise above the emotions that sometimes get in your way. Do your job to the best of your ability.